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01   Serenade for the Soul

The "Serenade for the Soul" is a versatile and interactive performance format that brings the healing power of the voice and the operatic voice in focus.

In this 60-70 minutes format the audience will:

  • participate in breathing and vocal exercises to relax and uplift

  • learn how to apply cutting edge research from the "Arts and Health" field in everyday life

  • choose emotions to be treated to an "Operatic Sound Bath"

For: Concert venues, Arts - Festivals, Museums, Arts-Institutions, etc.

02   "Aufatmen" for Post Covid 

In a 6 week online* Breathing and Singing Program, we help people with Post-Covid build:

  • better breathing

  • more energy

  • and resilience 

For: Anyone recovering from Post Covid orPost Viral Syndrome(ME-CFS,Epstein-Barr, etc.)

* Live courses in Wien available from 10 April, 2024

03   The 21-Day "Use your Voice to Microdose" Self-Care Challenge.

Discover your voice as a Wellness Technology

Learn how to:

  • connect

  • calm

  • calibrate your body and mind through breathing and vocal exercise

Experience evidencebased tips from the latest research

For: Anyone looking for practical and enjoyable tools to reduce stress, increase balance, calm and harmony in your personal and professional life.

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