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Workplace Health

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©Barbara Mair

 Workshop "Serenade for the Soul"

We help employees and managers learn new ways to feel more balanced, calm, creative and whole through easy encounters with the arts. Our evidencebased method helps you to improve your professional and personal life through the healing power of breath and voice. And we show you how to implement this Wellness technology into your daily life.

What our Workshop does:

  • reduce stress

  • increase energy & focus

  • build connection

  • improve self-management

  • spark creativity

  • empower people with easy-to-use tools

  • increase resilience in challenging situations


  • social connection

  • communication

  • Team building


  • scientific background on the effect of voice and music on body and brain

  • emotional and energy regulation

Duration: Halfday, Fullday
For: Workplace
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